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Voice of Eye formed in 1991 out of the ashes of experimental bands Esoterica Landscapes 7 and Cruor. Through Voice of Eye, members McNairn and Wilson explore profound aspects of consciousness as the music is shared as a tool for entering different states of being. “The motivation behind forming Voice of Eye was for us to connect to a deeper truth we first sensed within our music,” explains Wilson. “This unformed presence first revealed itself to us through music and has continued to manifest, taking shape throughout our life’s journeys and leading to profound mystery.” Voice of Eye’s modus operandi is to take sound sources that are acoustic in origin and then process them through little black boxes to warp time and widen sonic perception. Voice of Eye’s sound shifts from gentle soundscapes to primal wrenching malevolence with such ease that the listener is unaware of the transition until it is too late and they are fully immersed in the voyage. Voice of Eye took a hiatus from music in 1997 to build an off-the-grid sustainable home and studio in Taos, New Mexico. The endeavor took 10 years, resulting in an enveloping sculptural, free-flowing work of art built entirely by the hands of Wilson and McNairn. Living in the open and empty spaces of the desert had the additional effect of deeply connecting the artists to the truth of their being as begun through music. Both members are now focused on the healing arts. Their journey has transformed what was begun through music into a way of life. Please see www.voiceofeye.com and www.myspace.com/voiceofeyemusic for discography, photographs and more information.

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