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Volt biography

There are 6 bands with the name Volt: 1. Volt is a noise/grunge/math/somewhat band from Chemnitz, Germany. Signed to "Exile On Mainstream Records" they released an EP Romeo K.O. in 2005 and a full-length album Rörhät in 2006. Their former name was "Roerhedds". They split up in late 2008. Members of Volt play in Dyse and in Bombee. 2.Volt is a synth-punk band from Paris, France, with Jack, Lili Z., and FX. One EP, Volt, released by Pollymaggoo Records in 2003, a second EP issued by In the Red records in 2005. Their first LP/CD came out in May 2007 on In the Red Records. 3. Volt is an EBM act from Sweden consisting of Christiaan R. (member in Controlled Analogue Programming sideproject of Pouppée Fabrikk) and Johan Damm (former leadsinger in Swedish EBM act Dupont). The music is agressive and hard electronic music with Johan's unmistakeable harsh voice at the front. They have now formed a new band called Menticide. 4. There's also another music project called VoLt (Michael Shipway & Steve Smith) and they have released six studio albums (2003 - The Far Canal, 2004 - Star Compass, 2005 - Through the Rings, 2007 - Nucleosynthesis, 2012 - Circuits, 2013 - Particles ) & a 2008 live album HjVi all on the Groove Unlimited label. This group produce ambient/space music. 5. Daan Stuyven's band; successor of Running Cow. Released album Modern Times in 1993. 6. Volt is a side-project from the artist known as Sintellect, from the United Kingdom, created in 2008. It is the soundtrack to a place where darker aspects of the human psyche are explored, merging aspects of soundscape, soundtrack, industrial, ambient, drone, noise, and electronic influences. An album is currently in the works (due sometime in 2011/2012), along with collaborations & remixes with other artists... 7. Volt is also a radio program on Belgian radio station Studio Brussel. They made a mix called '2007 in the mix'.

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