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Disambiguation: there are actually at least seven artists that have released CDs under the name "VOX." In rough chronological order: 1. An indie pop/folk band from Surabaya, Indonesia. Band members are Vega Antares (vocals/guitar), Joseph Sudiro (bass/vocals), Gabriel Mayo (drums/vocals)and Donny Setiohandono (keyboard/vocals). 2. A Polish male quartet band, founded in late 70s by Witold Paszt. If you speak polish, you can visit their page on wikipedia. 3. Bulgarian-born, Munich-based composer Vladimir Ivanoff, a world fusion composer employing electronic instruments to create a mostly neutral or subtly enhancing background to the sounds of 11th and 12th century sacred chants on the release Divine Rites. 4. A Peruvian pop band formed by Cynthia, Walter, Diana, Alberto, Ludwig, Francisco and the twins Romina and Karina. The band was formed in 1999 but they recorded a selftitled album in 2000. Their hits A Navegar and Para buscar la salida were transmited by HTV. Both songs had great success. Francisco left the band in 2001, and one year later the group was disbanded. 5. Japanese composer for Konami Bemani Series, like Asaki or Mutsuhiko Izumi. The nickname Vox is known to have made the encore stage of Drummania V2, over there, a Progressive song. 6. A French rock band from Nantes composed by François (lead singer and rhythmic guitar), Gaël (lead guitar, keybord and back singer), Mathieu (bass) and Stéphane (drums). They released a demo called Sans douleur, pas de joie. It is distributed under a free Creative Commons BY-ND licence. You can find it here: http://www.jamendo.com/fr/album/3991 They usually wrote their name VoX. They don't play together anymore. 7. A Romanian pop/rock band that released a CD "Steaua Nordului" (Northern Star) in 2006. Available on eMusic. 8. A neo-goa psytrance project of Tomislav Crncic from Croatia.

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