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Wade Jeremy Robson (born September 17, 1982 in Brisbane, Australia) is a professional dancer, choreographer and producer. Career Robson is the creator and host of MTV's Wade Robson Project. By the time he was seven, Robson had appeared in three of Michael Jackson's music videos: "Black or White", "Jam" and "Heal the World". In addition, he was in the rap group Quo which was on Jackson's label. Years later, he testified in defense of Michael Jackson during Jackson's trial on charges of child molestation, after earlier a witness had claimed that Robson was molested by Michael Jackson. Robson denied this allegation.[1] [2] Since his appearances in Jackson's videos, he has appeared with Britney Spears in Pepsi commercials, did the choreography for her I'm a Slave 4 U video, as well as serving as tour director for Britney's 2001 Dream Within A Dream Tour. He also worked with 'N Sync's multi-platinum Celebrity album as well as choreographing their performances at the 2000 Billboard Music Awards, 2000's No Strings Attached Tour, their 2001 MTV Music Awards performance and their 2001 Pop Odyssey Tour. He even appeared on the music video for Pop when he danced in Joey Fatone's place after he got injured from a trap-door on the set. After the last of the tours listed, Robson no longer worked with Nsync. Robson has also worked with artists such as Ginuwine, Mya, Mandy Moore, and others. By the time he was nineteen, Robson's resume included positions as a professional choreographer, music producer, tour director, recording artist and actor. Currently, Wade is continuing to work as a music producer and choreographer to the stars, as well as serving as master choreographer and teacher for Tremaine Dance Convention and Competition. He will be using his skills to choreograph a group number as well as partner pieces on the second season of "So You Think You Can Dance" [edit] Acting While a talented producer, Robson is a gifted performer as well. Beyond dancing, Wade has had several jobs acting. In 1999, Wade Robson appeared in a series of Jack in the Box commercials as "TJ", one of the Meaty Cheesy Boys, a spoof of boy bands of the late 1990s. He had a role as a children's traveling choir member in a Full House episode, and also had roles in the 1996 Shaquille O'Neal film Kazaam and 1999's EdTV. Wade appeared as himself in the 2004 urban dance film You Got Served.

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