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Grown in a lab in the depths of Hertfordshire. Big into dubstep and disinformation. Wonders often if there's a difference between misinformation and disinformation. Incredibly lazy but prone to bouts of genius. wAgAwAgA is essentially one man's attempt to brain up the dubstep scene, taking on a broader set of influences than most(from Duke Ellington to Radiohead to Chris Morris to bedrooms) and twisting them into new and interesting shapes. Featured on Mary-Anne Hobbs in 2008 after a single release on Immigrant Recordings. Bits and pieces are slowly emerging on different formats, and eventually he'll pull his finger out, get on the scene and start making a difference. A seriously in-depth interview with wAgA can be found here: http://www.mothersagainstnoise.com/pages/interviews.html "Ive recently setup www.cookinguprecords.com so that i can release music more frequently." http://wagawaga.bandcamp.com/ http://cookinguprecords.bandcamp.com/

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