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Wakaba biography

right tag: ワカバ ワカバ (Wakaba; young/new leaf) is a Japanese pop unit. They met each other in April 2000 in the vocational school of social studies, they where in the same class. In the summer of the same year Kameda and Matsui noticed that they had nothing special to do to spend their time, so they tried to do various things. The first thing that they thought up was boxing. But they didn't have courage to go to the boxing gym so they gave up. Furthermore, they tried dancing and surfing, but also this time they gave up immediately. Between all these activity, Matsui, who already played acoustic guitar, suggested to try playing some music! Hence, Kameda bought an acoustic guitar for 50,000 yen. At that time they decided to do street lives. But they didn't want to sing only covers, they wanted to sing also original songs written by themselves. So they numbered Tsukamoto in the group, since he was previously interested in writing, and they continued with street lives. The first song that they composed was "Osora お空" (sky). Since they formed a group, it was time to choose a name for it and for this reason they puzzled over a lot. The result was "Wakaba" (young/new leaf). That was because "Wakaba" attitude towards music was innocent/pure, because they didn't want to forget this felling of pureness ever after, because they like green, because Kameda attended "Wakaba elementary school" and so on. So thinking about all of this they became "Wakaba". Members, 亀田大 (Kameda Dai) - Vocals&Guitars 塚本伸男 (Tsukamoto Nobuo) - Lyrics 松井亮太 (Matsui Ryota) - Vocals&Guitars,Harp

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