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Wakefield biography

Wakefield is a four piece rock band from Mechanicsville, Maryland. Their initial stage as a pop punk outfit, as heard on 2003's "American Made", was both witty and infectious, but was abandoned by the time of their second official release "Which Side Are You On?". The latter record showcases the band's newfound musical maturity and versatility. There was also a band named Wakefield from North Carolina in the mid to late 90s that played alt-rock music. The band released one album independently in 1999 that was self-titled. The tracks on the album are "And I Stare," "Ground Xero," "Lost," "Bitch is on Fire," "The Girl Song," "Quick," "Beauty Queen," "The Swing Song," "Into the Dark," "Savior," "Hello," "Angel," "Irregular" and "Symphony Four." The band split up shortly after the album was released. A third, and much older band also known as Wakefield: From Pueblo, Colorado this psychedelic rock band formed in 1969 and continued to play all over the Pacific Northwest until their break up in 1974. The band recorded a concept album for Warthog Studios in Denver between 1971 and 72. (FREAKEMPORIUM) Fourth is a 16 year old rapper from Illinois. He has released one mixtape, First Impressions.

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