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Waldheim biography

From the north of Spain comes this promising band. Powerful Melodic Death Metal decorated with taste, potent riffs, progressive passages, involved melodies, neoclassical details, piercing and melodic voices... the base is without doubt death metal, the result of all their influences is... WALDHEIM. The idea of WALDHEIM born in the year 1.999 when Angel and Jessica gather together with the intention of build up a band. Little by little they recruited people and begun to give concerts in their city, winning a contest in the year 2.001. After several changes in the line up, the band is rebuild about the middle of 2.004 and becomes in what is today. The new members bring important changes to the musical style and WALDHEIM for its beautiful meaning, a German word that means home of the forest, is the perfect scenery for mould all the feelings that they express with their music. Today WALDHEIM, Alex (Drums), Aratz (Bass), D.Hole (Guitar), Jessica (Keyboards & Samples), M.I. Sword (Guitar) and Mina (Vocals) wish to demonstrate what they are capable to do and they pretend to break with everything. They have been elected as the best guest band in the 18th edition of the contest Pop-Rock Villa of Bilbao and they have recorded what will be their presentation CD, five themes of quality that promise a lot and that we hope to listen about the beginning of the year. An ambitious band with good ideas, that pretends to make off with a place in the national and international metal panorama. Don..t miss the opportunity to see them in live or to listen something of theirs, discover all the secrets of the home of the forest, if you like the good music...They will not defraud you.

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