Waldo top 20 songs


Waldo biography

1 - This totally Finnish guy's Jamaican rap accent has left many people confused about his ethnic location. Forever was Waldo's first release, with 5 different versions of the title song. The virsionarys include MixMaster K (aka K. Kaivola), James Black and Charles Salter from the group 3rd Nation and Optical 2. Bubbling Bluebubble team was responsible for producing and mixing 3 tracks of Forever. The responsability for the other two mixes fall into the hands of the Swedish Birch & Chris and Solid Base. The first album was composed and produced by Miikka Hillos, K. Kaivola, and J. Black. After many singles and 2 albums, Waldo joined a crew of several singers in order to create a new project : Waldo's People. 2 - Michigan’s Waldo has wowed us with each effort following his impressive debut project, Pick Your Own Poison (PYOP), released November '12 through AGO and Soulection. The next sizable offering in his catalog of truly captivating music is the two-part, ten-track EP entitled NSDE/OUTSDE. And while it’s an audible achievement every bit as exciting as the one preceding it, engulfed in the same irresistible eccentricity lending success to the former body of work (thanks largely to Sango‘s reappearance behind the boards), it becomes apparent while listening to NSDE/OUTSDE that it’s a degree of honest exhilaration to it that is unknown to the former art of the artist. Waldo is rapping no longer out of sole enthusiasm, but out of purposeful habit, and the ennobling sounds of NSDE/OUTSDE afford his language an avenue to tread ebulliently upon.

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