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There are more artists using this name: 1) Waldorf - In 2001 Wolfgang Vanwymeersch moves from the rural Aalter to a musically inspiring Ghent. He surrounds himself with a few of Ghent’s finest musicians, and in 2005 the first Waldorf record is released on Kinky Star Records. The self-titled album combines loud guitars and catchy popmelodies, saturated with Wolf’s typical hoarse groan. The press is raving, Belgium has a new rockband to brag about and Waldorf smashes venues all over Europe. A bit later Wolf joins Glamrockers and Humo’s Rock Rally winners The Van Jets and the Waldorf line-up falls apart. Despite writer’s blocks and personal issues he keeps on writing songs. In November 2008, more than 3,5 years after the first album Wolf hits the studio with Bruno Coussée (bass) and Steve ‘Soulwax’ Slingeneyer (drums) to record the new album. “Twelve Seconds To None” is not at all a lighthearted follow-up. The new Waldorf album sounds way darker as its predecessor and heckles the wicked world around us. Waldorf is angry, disappointed and frustrated and not at all into catchy popsongs this time. A record with a message, hu? Waldorf confronts the listener with daring songs and a broad spectrum of emotions. Where the first album was clearly pop-influenced, the new album tackles stoner (The Melvins), progressive rock (Magma, King Crimson), and even some gypsy and singer/songdiaper. It’s going to be a dark and long winter... 2) Waldorf - Kid Italy and Clark Steiner both grew up and enjoyed educational backgrounds in an environment based on a common philosophy of the Austrian scientist and educator Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) and his “Waldorf” schools around the world; a philosophy also known as Anthroposophy (i.e. wisdom of the human being), in which the heightened capacities of thinking, feeling and willing are seen as key to unlocking enormous potential. They both met in the mid 90s in Italy and formed a band. Hence the name Waldorf. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy, the Milan-based duo create perpetually unique performances with specially designed costumes and custom-built electronic instruments, where the two “disco knights follow their quest to find the Disghost”, accompanied by other characters (fairies and goblins) of their imagination on stage: The World Of Waldorf is born. Releases (all on A Touch Of Class Recordings US): Waldorf - Age Of Stupid LP Waldorf - Get Ready For Your Last Dance Waldorf - Fashionist remixes Waldorf - Fashionist Waldorf - You’re My Disco

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