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A minimum of 3 bands have been known by the mononym, 'Walkers': 1. US - Walkers, an American post hardcore band in NY (2011 - present) 2. DK - Walkers, a Danish glam-rock band (1968 - present) 3. AUS - Walkers, an Australian progressive metalcore band from Adelaide (???? - ????) 1. US - Walkers is a post hardcore band hailing from the south shore of Long Island, NY. They play music in the vein of newer bands such as Defeater and Touche Amore and veterans like Refused and Poison The Well. Since May 2011, they have given their music away for free via Bandcamp and Mediafire, starting with their first EP "To Traverse", followed by, "The Brash, The Broken, The Bereaver" Both EPs may be streamed and downloaded at http://walkers.bandcamp.com. Their other sites include http://www.walkersli.com and [officialsite [url]http://www.facebook.com/walkersli 2. DK - The Walkers are a Danish glam rock band featuring singer-composer Torben Lendager, guitarist Gert Michelsen, drummer-lyricist Poul Dehnhardt and bassist Jan Kanstrup Hansen. They formed in 1968 and supposedly broke up in 1977, but have made repeated comebacks after their initial breakup, and still tour Denmark. Walkers' hits include song "Little Kitty", which in 2000 was covered by another Danish band, Creamy and "Sha-La-La-La-La", which was covered the same year by Vengaboys. http://www.walkers-online.dk/ Singles, Vinyl Bang-Shang-a-Lang, 1969 Looky Looky, 1970 Marry me, 1971 Dabadio-Dabadie, 1972 Rosie, 1972 Sunshine, 1972 (We're just a) rock'n'roll band, 1973 Fire, 1973 Sha-La-La-La-La, 1973 Do the yo-yo, 1974 Let's go, let's go, let's Rock'n'Roll, 1974 Little Kitty, 1974 Strip tease, 1974 Baby love, 1975 Forever together, 1975 Wish I could give you up, 1975 Cinderella, 1976 Dance on (disco darling), 1977 I wanna boogie, 1977 Baby, now that I've found you, 2001 Albums, Vinyl Walkers, 1972 A show just for you, 1974 Forever together, 1975 Greatest hits, 1976 Albums, CD Walkers Greatest Hits, 1994 Walkers Greatest Hits, 1997 Sha-la-la-la-la Walkers Greatest Hits, 2002 Reinstalled, 2003 Alle Tiders – Forever, 2006 Dejlige Danske Walkers, 2008 Walkers 40 Years Jubilee CD/DVD Boxset, 2009 3. AUS - Fresh progressive metalcore band from Adelaide, Australia

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