Wall top 20 songs


Wall biography

1) WALL is the former moniker of London-based singer and producer Lyla Foy. Single Magazine was release on 3rd September 2012 by BCS Records (Black Cab Sessions). Her EP Shoestring came out April 2nd, 2013. She has now dropped the moniker WALL and if performing under her name; Lyla Foy http://www.last.fm/music/Lyla+Foy 2) WALL is a German five piece Doom Metal band from Cologne/Bonn. WALL are creating paradoxes since 2008. Minimal pop songs at Maximum volume. Heavy low ends without the angry attitude and muscle flexing. Inspired by almost everything from the mamas and papas to early swans. Constantly changing equipment and attitude so it is safe to say that no one in the band knows what it is exactly they are doing. Hopefully even with Mark E Smith on bongos it will sound like WALL. Facebook Bandcamp 3) Wall is a Japanese Punk band, music below.

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