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Two bands have used the name "The Wallflowers": 1. An American rock band 2. A British indie rock band 1. The Wallflowers are a rock band which formed in 1989 in Los Angeles, California, United States. The band's only constant member has been singer/guitarist Jakob Dylan, the son of folk rock legend Bob Dylan. The Wallflowers have released six albums: "The Wallflowers" (1992), "Bringing Down the Horse" (1996), "Breach" (2000), "Red Letter Days" (2002), "Rebel, Sweetheart" (2005) and "Glad All Over" (2012) The band is best known for their hit singles "One Headlight", "6th Avenue Heartache", "Three Marlenas" and "The Difference", all from their second album "Bringing Down the Horse". The original members of the Wallflowers included Jakob Dylan (vocals and guitar), Barrie Maguire (bass guitar and vocals), Peter Yanowitz (drums and percussion), Rami Jaffee (keyboards and vocals), and Tobi Miller (guitar). Peter Yanowitz and Barrie Maguire left the band shortly after the album's release and went on to join Natalie Merchant's band. The band currently consists of Jakob Dylan and Rami Jaffee with Greg Richling (bass), Stuart Mathis (guitar) and Jack Irons (drums) . Although not an original member, Richling has been in the band longer than any other member aside from Dylan, joining in 1996. Elthringham joined in 2005. The band left Interscope Records in 2005. According to the Reboot The Mission Songfacts, "Glad All Over", The Wallflowers’ first album for over seven years will be released by Columbia on October 2, 2012. The record was recorded at Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville. 2. The Wallflowers is also the name of UK 80's indie pop/jangle band, which released a number of singles.

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