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Ewald "Wally" Warning (born in Aruba, Netherlands Antilles) is a Roots, Reggae, Ragga, and Latin singer-songwriter living in Munich, Germany. He is of Surinamese descent. At the age of 17 he moved from Aruba to the Netherlands, where he had a hit song with "The World Needs Love" in the early 1980s. Around 1990 he moved to Germany. He reached a broad audience with his radio summer hit "No Monkey". The song reached the top thirty in both Austria and Germany. Wally is also a multi-instrumentalist, and went on tour with Sam & Dave and Lightnin' Hopkins as bass player. Albums Tax 1992: Promises 1995: Love Can Save Us 1997: Storm 1998: Hope 1999: Reggae Vibe 2004: Who Am I 2005: Spiritual Soul 2006: Slow Down 2007: No Monkey 2008: Hope 2009: Take life 2010: Closer / mas serca Singles 1983: Promises 1984: Land of Hunger 2003: Cosa Linda 2007: No Monkey http://wallywarning.com/

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