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A near constant presence on the Texas Music Chart since its inception as a songwriter, producer, singer, guitar player and artist, Wilkins spent a solid decade in the Nashville Country Music business trenches, writing songs he wanted to be recorded by artists he admired. There are indeed some noteworthy cuts: "Seven Hillsides," by Ricky Skaggs, on a record that won a bluegrass-gospel Grammy. "I didn'teven know there was a genre called 'bluegrass gospel," Wilkins laughs, "but I loved his recording of the song, and my grandmother would have loved the connection to a gospel Grammy." Ty Herndon, during his heyday, made "Big Hopes" the title of his 3rd album for Sony, and there have been roughly a dozen other songs on major-label records. But it was Pat Green's recordings of several songs that made Wilkins' name known in Texas. "God Bless Pat," Waltsays. "I never want to take Pat's influence on my life for granted. He was a very early champion of my writing, and I have generally like his versions of my songs more than my own. And I know I have him to thank for getting somefolks out to hear me play, and buying my records. I remain a fan of Pat's songs, voice, and personality. And his killer band - their recording of 'Ruby's Two Sad Daughters' is really beautiful." Wilkins' work has been likened to the greatest and most timeless of the Texas/American troubadours: Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, and Kevin Welch among others. But it's the John Steinbeck comparison that means the most. "It was in a review of 'Fire, Honey & Angels,' in Country Standard Time. That's a remark to keep close." Wilkins says. "I have written poetry since I was in grade school, and songs for over twenty years now. It means an awful lot to be mentioned in the same sentence as someone with as much gravity as Steinbeck.. I do try to take my given work in the world seriously, and try not to shy away from the heavy subjects in life: commitment, faith, death." "Diamonds in the Sun", produced by Lloyd Maines, is Walt's latest project scheduled to be released on July 24th by Palo Duro Records.

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