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There are at least three artists with the name Wander. The name is used by a Dutch drone project, a San Francisco based post-rock band, and a pop-punk _____________________ Dutch: Since Beequeen will no longer be releasing drone-music, Wander was formed in the winter of 2000. Principally based on organ-drones, Wander has plans to release their material on various formats, but on every format only once. There's a nice challenge... Wander will also perform live. DISCOGRAPHY 1 WANDER (33RPM 10 inch, - 9 November 2001) Plinkity plonk plonk 7, The Netherlands 100 copies. 2 WANDER (33RPM LP + CDR, - Autumn 2002) En/Of 008, Germany 100 copies, includes signed and numbered artwork. In May 2005 En/Of released a triple CD set with art catalogue, including a five minute excerpt of the Wander LP 3 WANDER (45 RPM 7 inch, November 2003) plinkity plonk plonk 13, The Netherlands 50 copies. tracks: Jamaica plain (by Beequeen) and Wander (by Wander) Split single with Beequeen 4. WANDER (CDR, February 2004) XZF, 08, Canada 5. WANDER (45 RPM 7 inch, March 2004) Edition, USA 200 copies. 6. WANDER (CD - November 2005) Small Voices SVR 05015 600 copies. 7. WANDER/LILES (picture disc 33RPM 7" - January 2006) Beta-lactam Ring Records mtl06 150 copies (a special edition of 23 copies come in a box with an acetate 10", containing other tracks. One side by Wander and one by Andrew Liles) 8. WANDER (cassette compilation - November 2006) BT Recordings BTR 024 edition unknown (56 one minute tracks) 9. WANDER (film & soundtrack - January 2007) the beequeen website download here as .mov or here as .mpeg 10. WANDER (c20cassette - March 2007) Throne Heap TH002 40 copies 11. WANDER on 'Otherness' (CD compilation - May 2007) Sonic Arts Network 1000 copies 12. WANDER (businesscard CDR - Oktober 2007) My Own Little Label 013 edition unknown American: Wander is a post-rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area that formed in 2013. Their sound can be compared to the post-rock bands Mono & Godspeed You! Black Emperor but with faster tempos and intricate drumming like the japanese math rock bands Toe & té. In 2013 they released their debut 10" on their D.I.Y label Headless Queen Records. Discography: Shell Shock Rushes Through My Veins - CD Single [2011 Self Release under "waking wander"] Live In Studio A - CD Live recording from UC Davis KDVS 90.3FM [2011 under "waking wander"] Short Story Collection Vol. I - 10" vinyl [2013, Headless Queen Records (D.I.Y. Release)] Website links: http://www.facebook.com/wakingwander http://www.wanderband.tumblr.com http://www.soundcloud.com/wanderband http://www.headlessqueen.bandcamp.com 3. Wander is a pop-punk band from Maryland who formed in April 2013. They released their debut album 'Wander' on the 26th of August 2014.

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