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Wanessa Godói Camargo (born on December 28, 1982), known simply as Wanessa, is a Brazilian pop singer-songwriter, actress, dancer, musician and entrepreneur. She is the daughter of Brazilian sertanejo singer Zezé Di Camargo from the duo Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano. She has sold over a million copies of CDs and DVDs in Brazil on her 10-year career. And besides being a succesful singer, Wanessa is also the ambassadress in the non-governamental organization SOS Mata Atlântica, which defends the preservation of the Atlantic Forest. Due to her hard work in promoting the NGO and its goals, and also working for the depollution of the Tietê river, in São Paulo, Wanessa was awarded in 2007 with the Pro-Social Award from Brazil'sNickelodeon, and later received the Personality of the Year title from the Cisesp. Wanessa supports the same-sex marriage and was also the spokesperson for various different brands, such as Maybelline, and several products based on her image targeting young girls (dolls, shoes, make-up) were released. After marrying the businessman Marcus Buaiz in 2007, Wanessa kept working on her new album with Nashville producer Jason Deere and Miami producer Cesar Lemos. After many delays due to the record company, her new album, Total, was released on August 25, 2007 with the singer taking out her last name from her artistic name. Its first single, Não Tô Pronta Pra Perdoar, is a version of Dixie Chicks' 2007 Grammy Award-winning song Not Ready To Make Nice, authorized by the trio themselves. In March, 2008, Wanessa went to Miami to record a musical partnership with Mexican trio Camila, in a special rendition of Camila's 2006 hit song Abrázame. The partnership was included in both Camila's Todo Cambió album in its Brazilian edition and in Wanessa's Total re-release. In April 2008, the singer started her new national tour, named after her sixth album. Her following album, Meu Momento, were released on June 2009. The album includes a new song featuring American rapper Ja Rule in two different versions, in portuguese and english: "Fly (feat. Ja Rule)" which was released as a single in Brazil, and "Meu Momento (feat. Ja Rule)" added to her album as a bonus track; The song is ranked number #1 in Brazil. Her eighth album were released in 2011, under the name "DNA". This time entirely in English and focused on the dance floor. She has got a busy schedule with various shows and being played on the biggest and best dance clubs in Brazil. The singles Falling For U (feat. Wanessa) (produced by Mister Jam), Worth It, Stuck On Repeat and the most recent Sticky Dough (feat. Bam Bam) received great reviews and several remixes (including some by Dave Audé) that became very popular worldwide. Goiânia, Brazil 2000

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