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War Babies biography

A short lived hard rocking band from the Seattle underground. One album is all that they recorded, filled with some awesome bluesy hard rock. Put together by former TKO members Brad Sinsel (vocals) and Richard Stuverud (drums, formerly of the Fastbacks, a band that also included Guns N'Roses' Duff MacKagan). The band was rounded out by Tommy McMullin (guitar), Guy Lacey (guitar) and Shawn Trotter (bass). The debut album was released on Columbia records (featuring the debut single Hang Me Up cowritten by Kiss' Paul Stanley), but despite being from Seattle, their sound didn't fit into the grunge era that was popular at the time and the band quickly vanished. McMullin started the Dead Letters while Lacey and Trotter are currently in 8 Days In Jail. Stuverud would join and record with several Seattle bands, the most recognizable being Three Fish, a side project featuring Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament.

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