Warcry top 20 songs


Warcry biography

There are 8 artists going by the name of "WarCry" 1) Spanish Epic/Heavy Metal Band, whose legendary leader Victor Garcia (Lead Singer) was also lead singer of the famous Heavy Band Avalanch. Discography: 2002: WarCry 2002: El Sello de los Tiempos 2004: Alea Jacta Est 2005: ¿Dónde Está La Luz? 2006: La Quinta Esencia 2008: Revolución 2011: Alfa 2013: Inmortal The band released their 8th studio album "Inmortal" in September 2013. 2) American d-beat punk band from Portland, OR. This group features members of His Hero Is Gone, Tragedy, Severed Head Of State, Funeral, Call The Police, Bacteria, Hellshock, and Remains of the Day. 3) A thrash/heavy metal band that featured Paul Speckmann and other members of Master. 4) Viking/Black Metal band from Spain (Catalonia). 5) A vegan/straight edge hardcore band from Bloomington/Indiana, active in the early 90s. 6) A Hip-Hop act from Australia during the early 90's. 7) Melodic Death/Doom Metal Band from America (The Flathead Reservation, MT). They have released two albums, Warrior's Path (1999) and Their Fallen World (2009). 8) Japanese noise punk band late 80s / early 90s

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