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Ward 21 are Jamaica's one and only musical lunatics with a cause. The madly talented quartet of DJs/songwriters/producers have been released from the music laboratory to unleash the most progressive dancehall. Incidentally their name, Ward 21, is the official name of the Psychiatric Ward at the University College Hospital in Kingston. Currently, their productions include work with the new rising female stars of the Jamaican scene, like Tifa, and many european producers who have taken a liking to their digital dancehall sound. Since the release of their debut "MENTALLY DISTURBED" Ward 21 have watched their popularity rise and they have garnered much respect world-wide as top notch performers as well as producers. Andre, Kunley, Randaldo and Mark or Suku, Kunley, Rumblood & Mean Dog as they are more affectionately known started out like many music junkie youths in the Kingston ghettos on various sound systems in their community. They were fortunate to gain their musical experience from one of Jamaica's most influential and groundbreaking producers King Jammy at his legendary studio situated on St Lucia Avenue, Waterhouse which is also where Ward 21 grew up.

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