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Orange County, California's Warfare 88 has been playing their brand of pissed off, west coast styled punk rock (with slight early American Oi! influences) since the late 1990s. The release of their debut CD in 2003, “The White Album”, was widely received and highly welcomed by the RAC music scene. In 2005 they teamed up with Forward Area to release another successful album, "Hate Punk in Your Face". You can thank Warfare 88 for creating the genre label “Hate Punk”, and it describes their style perfectly. The band has been an inspiration to many up and coming punks not red bands. The band has now released an album titled "F.T.W.- The complete discography" containing all of their released material as well as the original demo tape and some other compilation and demo tracks. Some of there other bands/projects include: Final War, The Old Souls, Cut Throat, Powerhaus, Tri City Trashed and Philth Collins.

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