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Warhead biography

There is more than one band with this name. 1. A Polish NSBM band 2. A Japanese Hardcore Punk band 3. A Belgian Thrash Metal band 4. An American Hardcore band 5. A German Thrash Metal band 6. A Mexican Thrash Metal band 7. A British Thrash Metal band 8. A Russian Progressive Death Metal band 9. A side project band of Algy Ward (Tank), EVO (Warfare), and Wurzel (Motorhead) 10. An Italian Stoner/Metal band 1) An NSBM band with Nokturnal Mortum vocalist Knjaz Varggoth and Olaf Jasiński (Honor, Battlefield, october 15 ). They play fast Black Metal with RAC tendencies. 2) Early 90's Hardcore Punk band from Kyoto, Japan. Their incredible fast and crushing brutality is some of the heaviest punk music ever recorded in japan. The band is still active until this day. 3) A thrash/speed metal band from Belgium formed in 1983 they released 2 albums -Speedway -The Day After 4) An American Hardcore band from Virgina 5) Classic/Thrash Metal band from Osnabrück, Germany. They founded in October '93 and in 2007 released their fourth studio album "CAPTURED". http://www.warhead.de 6) Thrash metal band from Mexico. They published a Demo album in 2008 and they announced they first album in this year called "Spit the Cross" (http://warhead-thrash.tk) 7) British Classic/Thrash metal band from Torbay - http://www.reverbnation.com/warheadmetaluk 8) Progressive Death Metal from Russia. 9) In 1996, one album was released under the name Warhead by a metal supergroup consisting of Algy Ward (Tank), EVO (Warfare), and Wurzel (Motorhead).

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