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http://www.facebook.com/warsickle Founded in 2003 by Vanson Sichelstein who is a vocalist, songwriter, musician and producer. After experimenting with brutal electro death grind, heavy metal and dark ambient. Warsickle has landed on the field of Industrial and EBM. The first Dark Electro album "MMXII" Was released in 2010 along with the first live show. Since then Warsickle has been transformed into a full musical War ensemble. Album "MMXII" received positive rating worldwide and some tracks off the album have been published on various compilations. In 2012 Warsickle signed to Italian net label Gothic World records which released 3 successful EPs. Discography Into The Battle – ( Demo 2004 ) Brutal Fusion – ( Demo 2005 ) MMXII – 2010 ( Album ) Krytoboys vs Warsickle- 2010 ( Split ) Jump The Pain - 2012 (EP) Corruptocracy - 2012 ( 21.6.2012 ) ( Album ) Call For Help - 2012 ( 21.7. 2012 ) ( EP ) Kellerklang - 2013 (EP) Selftitled - 2014 (Album) Compilations: Na Západní Frontě Neklid Vol. 5 Dark Spy Compilation Volume 33 Extreme Sündenfall 12 Dunkle Frenquenzen Vol. 1 Virtual Bodiez Vol. 1 Moving Mountains Dunkle Frequenzen Vol 1 - Premium Edition Time When The Rain Stopped Gothic Visions IV UNDERGROUND INDUSTRIAL MOVEMENT COMPILATION and others Warsickle´s websites: http://facebook.com/warsickle http://bandzone.cz/warsickle http://reverbnation.com/warsickle http://soundcloud.com/warsickle http://youtube.com/warsicklechannel http://czscene.cz/warsickle http://gothicworld.it/ Sideprojects: https://www.facebook.com/crypticromancelove Kellerklangs EP review from Grave Concerns magazine: “Formed 2003 solely by Vanson with the idea to perform uncompromising music but started out as death/grind/electro and in 2004 the first demo was produced and entitled ‘Into the Battle’ but by 2005 ‘Brutal Fusion’ was released Vanson headed off in a different direction with added electronica and a slow-down in tempo. In the summer of 2010 another release called ‘MMXII’ was born and a first performance at Cholupice Open Air festival near Prague. Vanson has his finger in a few pies, so to speak and is involved with Vanity Against Nothingness, Srp, Alcohol Funeral plus other projects but they are all now on hold. In 2011 Vanson is also in a Black ‘n’ Roll band called ‘Sichelstein’ from Romania and released an album through Valse Sinistre Records with them. In the same year he appeared on Czech National TV in a documentary about underground music” Burn the Bridge This track has an appetite for delicious rhythms and an insatiable sound incorporating dream like structures, muted beats and addictive little synth sounds that together form a hypnotic array of powerful creative expression. Personal Whore An eerie sinister opening that melts into an addictive flurry of bubbling heaviness. Vocally biting and edgy, it showcases a very creative track that is again laced with addictive rhythms. Cacophony With brooding quality, lighter synth notes and a grotesque vocal that sounds like Pinky and Perky met Satan. However it’s a gripping track that explores an absorbing atmosphere and pleasing on the ear. It’s one track I shall enjoy playing again Omnia Tempus Habent Capturing a raw elegance of regimented synth that has true balance, is engaging and yet simple. Harbouring a deep unadulterated rhythm that has a striking quality about it and ensures the listener is fully satisfied. The contents of this track alone will be glued to your ears but it will be a matter of having to listen to it over and over as it will take hold very quickly - Truly superb track! To Sum up: I love the quality of this E.P – its crisp no nonsense synthesiser is hypnotic and brooding with some awesome beats incorporated into its hard shell. It holds a deep fascination that begs to be listened to over and over again. The repetitive rhythms on Omnia Tempus Habent are just so delicious and definitely deserves several replays at least! Time to dust off the furry boot covers and get moving!! Vanson has now sparked an interest for me to explore some of his earlier work – also a lover of death/grind it is something I feel I need to check out. But this E.P is just right up my street for good old EBM and Industrial – loving it! 10/10 Track List: Burn the Bridge Personal Whore Cacophony Omnia Tempus Habent Members: Vanson http://www.facebook.com/warsickle http://vanson.bandcamp.com/ http://czscene.cz/warsickle http://myspace.com/warsickle http://bandzone.cz/warsickle http://gothicworld.it/

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