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Wayne Cochran (born 1939 in Thomaston, Georgia) is a soul singer, known for his outlandish outfits and white pompadour. He is sometimes referred to as The White Knight of Soul. Cochran is best known today for writing the song "Last Kiss", which he performed with his band the C.C. Riders. Although it was not a success for him, later covers by J. Frank Wilson and Pearl Jam became hits. The C.C Riders was a band that played ska/funk/blues and were popular in chicago and Miami, Flordia. The band played with many bands including the band "Chicago". They were very popular in the middle and late 70's. Wayne Cochran currently is a minister in Miami, Florida and he owns his own church. He also loves motorcycles, and deicated an album to it. [edit] Albums Wayne Cochran! 1967; Chess Records Alive & Well & Living....In A Bitch Of A World 1970; King Records High & Ridin' 1970; King Records Cochran 1972; Epic Records The White Knight of Soul 1959-72: Get Down With It! 2005; Raven Records

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