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We Are Smug is a side project by Darren Hayes and Robert Conley. The album was released for free download on May 8th, 2009. The album contains content in the same vein of songs from Hayes' 2007 release "This Delicate Thing We've Made" but more electronic/experimental (think Bombs Up In My Face rather than Who Would Have Thought). Darren Hayes is best known as the voice of Savage Garden but has since released a series of solo albums: Spin, The Tension & The Spark, This Delicate Thing We've Made and 2011's Secret Codes and Battleships. While those albums have become increasingly personal, dealing with his childhood, sexuality and outlook, the We Are Smug side-project seems to focus much more on the music itself - edgy, dance/electronic, quirky but interesting tracks. Darren has said that this is not the direction his next album will take, but an intriguing collection to keep fans busy until then. The album was available for a limited time at the offical website, www.wearesmug.com.

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