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Wereju is a dark ambient, drone doom and soundscape music project of the Irish musician Cathal Rodgers from Offaly, Ireland, formed in 2006. Cathal's blurry, eerie drones have a lot in common with Aidan Baker's solo guitarscapes and the massive string tones of Fear Falls Burning, but this is darker stuff than either of those artists. Heavily processed feedback swells in tide-like form, deep and sonorous, and underneath the warbling ambience is a dark soundworld enveloped in shadow. Muted melancholy melodies appear and disappear, soft whorls of sound and far-off klaxon blasts carry over vast expanses of blackness, and reverberating strings hum suspended in the air. Every once in awhile, the sound will begin to overload and distort, and form into a heavy blackened Sunn O))) like drone, but mostly Wereju inhabits a realm of mysterious, drifting, meditative dark ambience. http://www.myspace.com/werejumusic

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