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For fans of the Gillan and Iommi project, go here: WhoCares. Who Cares is a group of accident prone boys who can't win at sports. They are all very in tune with the animals of the sea. Especially, the friendly manatee. Two out of four boys in the group look like manatees when they take off their shirts and go for a swim. The third is very frightened by things like swimming so he watches through the glass of the beautiful Monterey Bay Aquarium while the fourth protects the acient scrolls of the Jamaican re- press. All graduated from the University of Dave Wong in Stockton CA. After graduation they decided to get some dinner which led to deciding to form a rap group like none before...... The result!? A messy room that can't sustain comfortable living, but can produce the rebellion of yesterdays lunch as it forces anyone inside to flee. Who Cares is yours. It's anything that happens in the split second before it's too late. It's the feeling of loneliness that plagues you when you're young, and the empathy you feel when you're too old to care anymore. It's everything I've ever had, and all I've ever wished for.

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