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The power and emotion of the Great Highland Bagpipe Tribal drums, fierce and joyous The mystical rhythms of the Australian didgeridoo and The ancient call of the Bronze-Age Irish Horn Wicked Tinkers are a Celtic Tribal Sound Explosion! [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wicked_Tinkers] History In 1995, Aaron Shaw – piper and founding member – met bass drum player, Warren Casey at The Celtic Arts Center in Los Angeles, California. Playing together in the Los Angeles area,[1] they discovered the simple beauty and power of the music created by these two instruments. "The combination seemed to tap the very soul of Gaelic Music," says Shaw. It is the music you might have heard hundreds of years ago at a Scottish wedding celebration; or perhaps around the campfire at a Highland raiding party. A raw, exciting sound that touches you on a primal level. Looking for a way to express this feeling of the ancient within the modern world, Wicked Tinkers was born. Over the years, the band has evolved to include Keith Jones on snare drum and hand percussion and CJ Henderson on didgeridoo and the Bronze-Age Irish Horn. Current Members Aaron Shaw - Great Highland Bagpipe Warren Patrick Casey - Tapan, Bodhran Keith Jones - Snare, Djembe CJ Henderson - Didgeridoo, Irish Horn Guests On certain occasions (notably, the 2005 and 2006 Seaside Games in Ventura), a few members of Bad Haggis have been known to join The Wicked Tinkers on stage. Discography Brutal (1997) (cassette) Banned (1999) (cassette) Wicked Tinkers (1999) Hammered (2000) Loud (2002) Banger For Breakfast (2003) Whisky Supper (2005) Rant (2007) Website http://www.wickedtinkers.com/

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