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Win is the name of more than one artist 1. Formed in 1984 by ex-Fire Engines members Davey Henderson and Russell Burn, Win constitued an attempt by members of Edinburgh's post-punk fraternity to storm the charts. Their music was catchy, very much grounded in the electro-dance-pop sound of the mid-80s, and full of wry lyrics. They released a debut LP in 1987 on London, entitled "Uh Tears Baby". This contained their best-known song "You've Got The Power", a giant football chant of a song that would later turn up on a TV commercial for a certain brand of Scottish lager. On being dropped by London, they moved to Virgin for a second LP, "Freaky Trigger", released in 1989. This was a sleeker effort, displaying a noticeable Prince influence. However, the charts remained unperturbed, and Win split in 1989. Henderson then returned to his indie roots by forming The Necterine No 9. 2. WIN is a project where 11 trainees who have been trained in YG Entertainment (a record label and talent agency founded by Yang Hyun-suk based in Seoul, South Korea)'s training system compete in a survival audition for ten weeks, in team A and B, and the winning team debut as boy band "WINNER". YG, has returned finally in 2013 with the first boy group in 8 years since BIGBANG’s debut, named ‘WINNER’. YG’s next boy group formation will be determined on a real survival battle program called ‘WHO IS NEXT : WIN’ where only the real surviving team can seize the name ‘WINNER’ to make a debut. In South Korea, the first episode was aired at 10 p.m. on August 23 (Friday). The program was also aired overseas from September 17. The final battle to determine the winner of Mnet "WHO IS NEXT: WIN" was broadcasted for two hours from 9PM on October 25, 2013, at Olympic Park SK Olympic Hall. After an exciting tight match, Team A got the glory of becoming the "WINNER". The final stage of WIN was full of excitement and sorriness, as well as pleasure and sorrow. October 28, 2013, YG Entertainment released the four songs of "FINAL BATTLE" all written by WIN members themselves. More info. can be found at and YG-Life blog.

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