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Alex Remark is one of the aliases of Jk Lloyd. Jk Lloyd is the first Electro-Dream music productor, until 1992. In 1995, he has created the first dream-music track, called Pyramid by Alex Remark( a Jk Lloyd alias). The same year, he has created "orbits to Moon" by I.d.h.a. (jk Lloyd' Alias)and Divina Commedia (Jk LLoyd -Valoy) (Valoy is jk Lloyd's alias) All those productions, sells millions of copy around the world, In Russia, in Israel, In America, in China, In Japan, In Europe, were was present everywere, in every compilation. In 1995 He has created his label, called Onirika, were he has isuued a lot of succefull tracks. Last years he was around the world to discovery new sounds, but seems like the Dream music was always on the air...... He has his personal sites: jklloyd.com onirikalab.com

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