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X-ettl biography

A propos de X-ettl X-ettl started his musical career when he was 10 years old. After playing the piano for 7 years he discovered electronic music. He started making techno with the software program ‘Propellerhead Reason’. Step by step he discovered more techniques and he started building his own style. After 1 year of trial and error he discovered electro and electro trash. After trying to make his own style he found out electro suited him better. Then he made the decision to leave the production of techno behind and proceed with the production of Electro, from that moment X-ettl was born. November 2008 he started to produce for Aerotronic, a DJ duo that found their way into the world of gigs and festivals, the cooperation with the third member resulted in extra good productions and success. With Aerotronic he played on gigs like: Laundry Day (BE), Travesti Monsters (FR) & Disco Riot (DE). In February 2010 they released their first EP (First Blood EP) on MSMD (Monkey see monkey do). Afterwards, he decided to produce techno again by joining the group General Forces. That group got him signed on Fanatix, a sub label of Zoo records under the supervision of the all-seeing eye of Q-ic. After releasing 2 EP’s with General Forces he wanted to go further on his own as ‘Shaytek’. He released his first solo EP ‘Give it up’ on Fanatix, and the track ‘Boose’ on Sur+ in March. In march 2009 his DJ career as X-ettl took its start. He participated in the contest of Red Bull Electropedia and aimed on winning the contest so he could perform on I Love Tecnho. He won the contest and he got the honour to open the Red Bull Electropedia stage at I Love Techno 2009. At the end of that year he got discovered by Dusted Decks under the guidance of Markus Lange. Soon he was added to their management and they will release X-ettl’s first solo EP ‘Jetgum EP’ on their new label ‘Dusted Decks Records’ in the summer of 2010. The 4th of april he played on ‘Liquid Sunday’, a German festival where he got to share the same decks with Mr. Oizo and Busy P.

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