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X-fusion biography

Everything began in 1988 when Jan L. from Bochum, Germany used his legendary C64 for combining electronic sounds with organ-sequences and vinyl-elements. Two years later his C64 was detached by Amiga 500, developing to 4 tracks and 8 bit. X-FUSION was born! 1991 his first demo tape called 'Syndromic Noise' was finished. In the following year Jan extended the equipment with his first own synthesizer – the Kawai K4 – and his style of music finally got a designation. During that period the second demo-tape was created and could be defined as Hardtrance. 1993 was a very eventful year for X-FUSION. At several gigs and techno-parties such as the Innovation Rave (Fantasy/Dülmen) Jan showed his abilities live in front of almost 2000 fans. Not at least he extended his equipment again with the second synthesizer Roland JD800. The following year brought up another three demos until 1997 when the Amiga 500 was replaced by a PC. The style of music evolved into techno/acid/house just to the year 2000 when his first tracks including vocals were produced. Because of the fact that music was always a method for Jan to express his emotions, it was a small wonder that his style got more atmospheric and became more dusky, at least because he always had an inclination for dark sounds in private. Also by using vocals he got the possibility of expressing his deepest feelings lyrically. 2001 and 2002 two EBM-shaped demos 'Evillive' and the 'Blackout'-EP were produced. Because of those Jan signed his first label-deal at the Indie-Label Dark Dimensions/Scanner in the following year and his first official album 'Dial D For Demons' was released. Nearly one year later (2004) the second album came out: 'Beyond The Pale', which immediately entered the alternative charts. After which one can not think of an EBM-world without X-FUSION. But that´s not the end.... his musically enormous spectrum was proved by the album „Antipode“ of the side-project NOISUF-X, coming out 2005, that in opposite to X-FUSION it dedicates itself to the distorted industrial sounds. But “ANTIPODE” should not be seen at any time as a creative break for X-FUSION, because just in the same year the new double-album „DEMONS OF HATE“ had been brought into life and surprised its listeners with further developed and innovative sound-structures. In the year 2007 another successful album “ROTTEN TO THE CORE“ was released. It came in 3 different versions and reached position 2 in the german DAC-Charts although most of the songs were not produced for the dance floor. With "VAST ABYSM", released in a limited metal box, X-FUSION celebrates in 2008 the 20th birthday of the band. This album also reached position 2 in the DAC-Charts. And just about one year later "ULTIMA RATIO" came out.. It again reached position 2 in the DAC Charts, Position 3 in the GEWC Charts and position 9 in the DUC Charts. to be continued...

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