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Originally hailing from the Mid-Eighties, the "Banging Round The X-Mas Tree" album quickly became some sort of legend in the Metal scene, with the partly pretty, ehm, original versions of the old classics, which were packed into a partly pretty hefty Metal corset. Nine years later it saw a re-release with nine bonus-tracks, which did not have the ultra-cult format of the originals, but still are something that is damn funny. Christmas songs that everybody (partly at least in German speaking countries) knows in an at time quite obscure Metal sound, doesn't that sound like fun? Then just listen to "Jingle Bells" with LIVING DEATH's Toto on the vocals, that's the stuff that makes the reindeers fall off the roof within a minute. But also an "Alle Jahre wieder" with Gerre from TANKARD or "Leise rieselt der Schnee" with RICHTHOFEN's Andreas and HOLY MOSES' Sabina Classen are something you need to have heard yourself to believe. It's fun, it can shock some conservative folks around, expecting some nice music and "bang" a full Metal assault jumps at them. It's almost worth the money for that purpose alone, isn't it? ;)

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