X-men top 20 songs


X-men biography

There are 4 artist descriptions: 1) X-Men aka Les X is french rap group formed by Cassidy and Ill in 1995. There was also a British post punk band called X-Men. They released two 7 inch singles on Creation records during the middle of the 80's. 2) X-Men is Uplifting Trance artist from Greece. The project is found by Kostas Denegris and Simon Silaidis. Their music is released by Discoble Records. 3) X-Men was British band formed by Debbie Green (drums), Mark Stollar (vocals), Sue Feighery (percussion, backing vocals), Tim Hosking (bass) and Tom Cullinan (guitar). They have relased two singles on Creation Records ("Do the Ghost" and "Spiral Girls") and imploded shortly afterwards without relasing an album. Cullinan was later founding member of Th' Faith Healers and Quickspace. 4) X-Men is originally a comic, but in the early 90's a cartoon was released that became very popular and stayed true to the comics, this was X-men the Animated Series. The Major Players in the Show were Wolverine, Cyclopes, Jean Grey, Storm, Jubilee, Rogue, Gambit, Beast, Professor X, and Magneto. The show took various villains from the X-Men rogue's gallery and threw them at the X-men.

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