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X-raided biography

X-Raided, real name Anarae Brown, was born in Sacramento and moved back and forth from Sac to his mothers homtown Waco.TX, and raised primarily in South Sacramento, CA in the Gardens community. He is a notorious gangster rapper who, shortly after releasing his 1992 debut LP Psycho Active, was convicted on murder charges. The album's violent lyrics were cited as evidence at his trial. While in prison, X-Raided recorded another album entirely over the telephone. These recordings eventually led to 1995's Xorcist. Unforgiven came four years later and Initiation was released in early 2001. He is serving a 31 year sentence, but he has made 12 new albums so far. A group of inmates stabbed X-Raided several times for not producing and releasing their rap album, after being stabbed several times and not going to the ground he fought bacc and started c walkin on the fake ass busters lmao. And after he got tired of c walkin he went and put on his name-brand Snoop Dogg Doggy Biscuit house shoes and went back to his cell. He started watching Colors thinking about how he just got stabbed. He doesn't like red so he didn't let himself bleed. X-Raided has been an active member of the 24th Street Garden Blocc CRIPS since before he recorded his first album Psycho Active.

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