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Xam biography

There are at least two artists with the name Xam: 1. A Dutch DJ / producer 2. A Russian hardcore rap artist. 1. Xam is a Dutch DJ / producer who has been making music from 1993 onward. He started out using tracker software and moved to the demo scene in the mid 90's. In the late 90's, with the internet popularity growing and the demo scenes waining he moved towards producing his own music, first with a group and later solo. In 2007 he started to make mashups which gained him significant recognition and airplay by big Dutch radio station 3FM, as well as on international radio stations. He would continue releasing a monthly mix from early 2008 until halfway 2009, at which point he traded this commitment for more freedom. Since then he has been creating his own tracks, making mahups and remixing for various artist, releasing his tracks trough German trance label Vectiva recordings. 2. XAM is a Russian hardcore rap artist, living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He used to be a part of the "East Warriors" rap project back in Russia (aka Mop$). Also known as True Keppah.

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