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Xample biography

Having grown up in Bristol Xample has always been surrounded by the sounds of drum and bass and the love of this music lead to him buying his first set of turntables. Soon after, Xample relocated to Liverpool and this is where he first teamed up with the local dj/producers Sol and Futurebound. Xample became a regular at nights around the North West, playing at some of the best nights in Manchester Liverpool and Leeds. Around this time, Xample decided he wanted to try his hand at producing and before to long had notched up releases on labels such as Hard leaders, Penny Black and L plates. In 2005 Xample moved back to Bristol and continued to work hard on shaping his sound, soon attracting interest from Andy C and the rest of the Ram camp, which lead to Xample signing to Frequency for a couple for 12s, before giving Ram his first track, 'Heaven And Hell', for the well received Dimensions EP, and also on Andy C's nightlife 3mix CD. It looks like Ram have done it again. Following the signings of Subfocus and Chase & Status, they have now snatched Xample, whose three forthcoming Ram tracks are already played by the biggest DJs on the scene, with Grooverider recently plugging 'Lowdown' at every Radio One show. Don't be surprised if Xample becomes one of the drum and bass success story of 2008 with new tracks lined up for Ram including ‘Get out Clause', ‘Infamous', ‘Breath & Stop' and the mighty ‘Automatic'. (Xample's MySpace profile)

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