Xanadu top 20 songs


Xanadu biography

1) Early NY hip-hop, featured on the Soul Jazz compilation Big Apple Rappin' 2) Xanadu is a 6 man folk rock band which won Battle of the Bands in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2006. The guys were only 18 or so at the time of winning the competition. By winning they were given the opportunity to record their debut and only album to this day. Their impressive instrumental talent coupled with lead singer Brian Payne's voice create a music genre set apart. 3) Xanadu is progressive rock band from Poland. First band of Mariusz Duda (vocalist and bassist of Riverside) 4) Xanadu may also be linked to the 1980s movie and more recent Broadway musical featuring music from Electric Light Orchestra composed by Jeff Lynne and John Farrar. Tags should be redirected to performers or composers. 5) Xanadu is a Hungarian alternative band, founded 2008 summer. 6) Xanadu was a German pop band in the late 1980s/early 1990s. They released two albums and several singles. They took part twice in the German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest and both times came in 2nd place. The lineup of the band changed several times. One of the original members was Lyane Leigh, who later became the voice of the well-known Eurodance project E-Rotic. 7) Czech artist famous because of the song Brouček. 8) New Zealand three-piece influenced by the 3D's, Dead C, The Coolies and Sonic Youth. Founded by Tim Teen, formerly of Tim Teen and the Teen Tones. Active in the early '00s. 9) A drum&bass producer / DJ from London, UK. His debut LP "Through the Oort Clouds" was released in 2015 on the legendary Dom & Roland Productions Label. Xanadu is the first artist other than Dom himself to release on this imprint.

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