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Xcypherx biography

Manuel Zapata, known by his stage name xCYPHERx, is an underground Straight Edge rapper and Battle MC out of Northern California. He has released 2 projects to date, The Demo and 2009's New Reign. He has appeared in California battle leagues such as The Jungle, Golden State Bullies, Assault and Battling and The Worlds Largest Battle league GRINDTIMENOW. He has also done vocal work for California hardcore band YOUR OWN DESTROYER and has battled at 2010's Vans Warped Tour. His lyrics range anywhere from Straight Edge lifestyle athems to Songs based on hardships in life, death, parties and agressive street style raps. His new project "Welcome to Cyph City" is expected to drop in late 2011. Sober till its over. He has worked with artists such as vxDEDxv, Edge with the dreads, Subliminal, Germany's xGFMx, Urban, and Hardcore band ARES. Has done shows with ALL SHALL PERISH, Suffokate, xLIFERUINERx and More http://www.facebook.com/xCYPHEREDGEx Twitter: http//:www.Twitter.com/xManuel209x Youtube: http//:www.Youtube.com/Talksik

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