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"Hi! We are xDeclarationx! We gathered in the end of 2007 to bring by our songs the spirit of freedom and respect to the whole life. We really believe in what we are singing about and sincerely hope that we would be understood rightly by people, who would hear us. As a group we support the conception "drug free". For us it’s not only personal freedom, but also a fight against the forms of enslavement of personality and human degradation. Alcohol companies are enormous corporations that are controlled by greedy hedonistic capitalists, whose deeds carry the guilt of the extremely sad state, where the human society is. All stimulators exist only for the purpose to deprive people of their real freedom and to set on the hook of the temporary pleasures that lead only to the sad consequences. Look around, how many our friends and fellows became drug addicts, alcoholics or simply stupid average people. How many families are broken because of the alcoholism, how many people are dying from aggression, brought by non-adequate people, who are in narcotic or alcohol intoxication? Violence in families, great amount of auto catastrophes, broken destinies – isn’t it enough to understand that taking alcohol we are not only break in us the true freedom given us by nature from the birth, we also support the existent system of lapse. Also all the members of the group are vegans. It means that we don’t eat, wear or use things with animal components. It’s our opportunity to live without murders and the example for the others. It’s the breaking of the wall of indifference to sufferings and deaths of millions of animals. Why did people decide that they have the right not to respect another’s life? We are not the center of the whole planet and don’t have all the points of intersection, we are just one of the species on this planet! Of course we differ from the others, but we are also much alike others, and when we act so disgustingly with defenseless creatures that we artificially grow on the farms, we even couldn’t be compared with any animal, because only human can do such vile deeds. Why do people so quietly submit with such muck, made by them, why don’t react on injustice? This indifference leads to the same relations and deeds in the human culture and society. The first step you can do is to refuse all the products of murders, to stand against the flow ant to wash off the blood of innocent from hands. The next steps could be redemption of your fault to those, who had suffered from your appetites. The direct action against the system of oppression, the liberation of animals from cages can change the situation best of all, to save the lives and so to give the example to the others. But each of us understands that the evil has the hook. And we can win a victory over it only having destroyed this hook. This hook is in people, in our wrong culture. And we can win, having started from ourselves. To analyze things sensibly and to see our weak sides, to change our attitude to the present events and to choose the correct position. Against the capitalism! Against the existent oppressions! For the freedom and mutual respect! We are a part of what we were born from, and we were born from the harmony of nature… "

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