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There are at least 2 groups called Xenia: 1. 80's new wave group from Croatia Croatian band Xenia was formed in 1981 in the lineup of Robert Funčić (composing, writing, guitars), Vesna Vrandečić (vocals), Marinko Radetić (bass), Joško Serdarević (drums). Debut single Moja prijateljica/Povezi me ("My Female Friend"/"Take Me for a Ride") was released in 1982, presenting their contribution to the new wave style. Both songs were included on the debut album Kad nedjelja prođe (“After Sunday Is Gone"), released in 1983, with "Povezi me"'s title changed to Vjetar u kosi ("Wind in Hair"), and the song itself rearranged to include more power chord riffing. The single Troje/Zadnji put ("Three"/"The Last Time"), released later that year, announced the new direction of their creativity. Thus the 1984 found them releasing their second and final album Tko je to učinio? ("Who Did It?"). While keeping on their artistic approach, the music style was transformed by more progressive art pop rock poetics, with addition of jazz and basic rock 'n' roll elements. They disbanded in 1985. Discography: Moja prijateljica/Povezi me (Single); Jugoton, 1982 Kad nedjelja prođe (LP); Jugoton, 1983 Troje/Zadnji put (Single); Jugoton, 1983 Tko je to učinio? (LP); Jugoton, 1984 Retrospektiva (CD, Kad nedjelja prođe + Tko je to učinio? reissue); Croatia Records, 1995 Grupu Xenia su osnovali Vesna Vrandečić i Robert Funčić 1981. godine. Prvi album “Kad nedelja prodje” u produkciji Tihomira Varge snimljen je u “Tira Recording Studio” u Torsbiju u Švedskoj i objavaljen je za Jugoton. Pored pjesme “Iznenadi me” najveći hitovi bile su im pjesme “Moja prijateljica” i ”Troje”. Grupa Xenia je prestala s radom 1985. godine i sa dva fenomelna albuma zauzela visoko mesto u povjesti ex-YU glazbe. Članovi: Vesna Vradenčić - vokal Robert Funčić - gitara Joško Serdarević - bubanj Marinko Radetić - bas Diskografija: Moja prijateljica - Povezi me / single (Jugoton, 1982.) Troje - Zadnji put / single (Jugoton, 1983.) Kad nedjelja prođe (Jugoton, 1983.) Tko je to učinio? (Jugoton, 1984.) Zvuk Osamdesetih / kompilacija (Croatia records, 1998.) Riječki novi val / kompilacija (Dallas, 2008.) 2. Xenia is a 16 year old singer who is known from her appearance on the American singing contest The Voice.

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