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Xenon biography

1) Xenon is a hard rock band formed in 1983 and based in New Jersey, USA, who are known for playing very melodic music. Although they were hugely popular in the local New Jersey college radio scene, they never secured a recording contract, and have been self-producing their own CD's since the 1980's. Singles: "Holding On", "Cry In The Night" 2) Xenon is a German eurodance project, that was produced by Unity Mixers, Christopher Owhen and Cyril Orcel in 1996 Singles: "There's Only One Way". 3) Xenon is an indie/alternative/rock two-piece from Wakefield, United Kingdom, formed in 2006, Until artists with the same name can be maintained (and scrobbled) separately on last.fm please go to www.myspace.com/xenonband 4) Xenon is a new Spanish rapper. His first LP, is called "Fantasia". His lyrics are about the social stuff, and global issues. 5) Xenon is a Japanese visual kei band formed in 2008. An alternative tag is パノラマ虚構ゼノン. 6) Xenon is a Czech Nu-metal band formed in 2010.

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