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Xenos biography

There are a few groups that go by the name Xenos: 1. Xenos are a folk ensemble from Melbourne, Australia that have been playing for over a decade, nationally and internationally. 2. The band Xenos formed in the year 2000 and has become one of the most known Christian music bands in Latvia. Two years in row (1999, 2000) Xenos leader, Santa was responsible to organize summer outreaches for Musicians Summer of Service, (YWAM Montana) music band called TAP. During these TAP concerts, in order to have some songs in the local language, Santa and her friend Sandis did some songs during the break...and that is where it all started. The next year they became a full band that was starting to do concerts all over Latvia. It was during the time when Christian rock music did not really exist in Latvia and Xenos had the privilege to be one of the first bands playing in different traditional churches, youth groups and different church organized events that were starting to take place. 3. Xenos is a high school band from 1993 based in Arizona. They released one cd before breaking up to pursue further projects. Their only release was called "Xenos from the plant xenocosm". They are liked to the sound of Mr. Bungle and Tub Ring. 4. Xenos is a 5 piece metal/grind band from Tyrendarra, Victoria. The band started off in early 2006 as a 3-piece side project featuring Chris Wallace (Ex Damaged/Dread), Josh Eales and Aaron Smith (Emprica). Other commitments saw Wallace move away leaving just Smith and Eales. In June 2008, Smith got the ball rolling again with new members including Kyle Dean, Tom Stanford and Jono Colliver (Emprica) Xenos are now a rocking 5 piece grind band, certain to do big things in the future. 2010 saw the release of their debut album "Gravel Snatcher" and the addition of a new bass player Heath Smith. Xenos are currently working on a new album for release in 2012 5. Xenos is one of the many aliases of Goa producer Ingmar Veeck, who is featured on at least 16 "compilations" released on T.R.N.C. recordings, and on which he is the sole performer (i.e. Ingmar Veeck is the only musician released on T.R.N.C.).

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