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Xerxes is a name of at least three acts: 1) A hardcore punk/screamo band from Louisville, Kentucky. 2) A pseudonym of Norwegian producer Klaus Lunde. 3) A prog metal band from Switzerland. 1) A hardcore punk/screamo band from Louisville, Kentucky, formed in 2009, consisting of: Calvin Philley (vocals), Will Allard (guitar), Ben Sears (drums), Joseph Goode (Bass). So far they have released 2 LPs, Our Home is a Deathbed, and Collision Blonde(2014) and 3 EPs, called "Twins", "Homeward Carries No Direction", and "Would you Understand?" and a split with Midnight Souls. Sites: BandCamp, Facebook, BigCartel and XerxesBand.com (official) 2) A pseudonym of Klaus Lunde (b. 1973, in South Norway). In 1987 (at fourteen), he started producing music using an Amiga 500. In 1996, after various experimental / compositional phases, he arrived at his own style. Since then, Klaus has spent most of his time developing this sound. He is currently living in Tønsberg, Vestfold, Norway. He is a respected downtempo artist & has played many festivals, both as a DJ & with Xerxes Live. His latest release is "226 B.C" (12 Nov '10), a remix EP. Earlier albums have included "Xerxes For Dummies" (Dec '05) & "The Mirror Formula" (Mar '06). Other Xerxes Live members, inc: Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg (drums), Thomas Wicklund-Larsen (accoustic guitar, vocals) & Kristoffer Skaar Kvig (electric guitar). Sites: Discogs & Xerxes-Music.com (official) 3) A progressive rock / metal band from Switzerland, who released two albums: "Beyond my Imagination" (1993) & "Falling Leaves" (1997). The band split up some time after the release of the second album. They were: Adrian Moser (vocals, bass), Michel Cueni (guitar), Christian Moser (guitar), Martin Fringeli (drums) & Jose Espasandin (keys). q.v. Xerxes (Switzerland)

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