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Xibalba biography

There are 6 artists sharing this name: 1) Xibalba is an American extreme metal band from Pomona, California, formed in 2007. They play a blend of sludge metal, death metal and 90's metalcore, with some doom metal tendencies, with lyrics in English and Spanish. They are influenced by Disembodied, Morbid Angel, Martyr A.D., Santa Sangre, Bloodlet, Obituary, Crowbar, Unbroken, Earth Crisis, Downset, Overcast, and Sepultura. 2) Xibalba is a Mexican Black Metal band formed in 1992. Their lyrics are mainly about Aztec mythology, mainly in reverence to Huitzilopochtli, the god of war and human sacrifice. Some lyrics are written in Spanish and some in English. Xibalba's primitive and raw style is influenced by early Bathory, Celtic Frost, Cryptic Slaughter, and Voivod, among others. 3) Xibalba is also the name of a Mexican psytrance duo, comprised of Hugo Riveroll Fuster (aka DJ Hamelin) and Ulises Pascual Villareal (aka Odiseo). 4) There was also another black metal band called Xibalba in the 20th century, from Baltimore, MD. It no longer exists. 5) Xibalba was also a band from Košice/Slovakia, which moved from thrash metal to progressive metal over the course of their career. They stopped their activities after the album The Grey Infinity in 1998. 6) XIBALBA is a Japanese visual kei band.

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