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Xinobi biography

Xinobi has in the past few years, developed his own versatile, honest sound. Tracks like BMX, who jump-started his musical career, bring in the funky-house that we now associate with him, although he also dabbles in Disco, Techno and Electro. His tracks are clearly from the present day but cognizant of the good bits of the past. Visually, one might say his tracks are inspired by palm-trees, the ocean, and great sunsets. They remind us of how awesome the soundtracks of our favorite movies (the comedies, the ones from the 80s, or the good old italian movies from the 60s and 70s) can really be. Thats why you can clearly hear some of these decades in the sound of Xinobi. The sensitivity of the 60s, the disco and psychedelics of the 70s, the breakdance from the 80s, the french and american 90s house music, and the mash-ups of today. With his buddy Moullinex, he conceived and created the label and collective Discotexas, now with cult status and still ascending in popularity - being considered one of the biggest influences in the emerging electronic scene. Xinobi too got a cult status through tracks like "Day Off", envied and remixed by many other producers. He's also become a regular remixer of artists like Loose Shus (for whom he remixed "Threesome", released by Plant Music), Nightriders, Gooseflesh, Moullinex, among others. In the near future, there's the release of a track created with Arthur Baker and Moulinex, and a remix of Giorgio Moroder, to be included in a compilation of remixes from the epic E=MC2. Recently, and a result of his many trips around the world, he's surprised the world with his collaboration with Joshua Jakq in the love song "The Best of Me", clearly one of his finest works and one that shows his true talents as a musician and composer. On top of all this, Xinobi also pulls the stunt of being a tremendously versatile DJ, being able to move the full floor and please both sides of the very same coin.

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