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Ajja & Gaspard, two musicians, two sets of creative energy, influenced by each other & fusing in a whole that is greater then the sum of its parts… Gaspard has been DJing and organizing parties for 9 years. He started as DJ Throbbe and played with Psyberpunk Corp. Today, he is DJ Gaspard for his night-time psychedelic trance sets and DJ Equilibrium for his floating ambient mixes. Ajja has been a musician all his life. Growing up in the world-famous tattooing Leu family and travelling across the world, he never had a shortage creative drive. The commercialism of the Goa trance scene turned him off electronic music for a few years. In 1998 Gaspard came in for a tattoo in Ajja’s shop and they became fast friends. During the next few years Gaspard helped refuel Ajja’s love of trance by dragging him out to parties across Switzerland. Their first performance together, at the Psyberpunk Naturalp Festival in November 2002, consisted of Gaspard’s DJ set, live percussion & live fx by Ajja. Later that year, they toured Australian festivals - Outback Eclipse, Rainbow Serpent & Exodus. In the summer of 2003, Gaspard and Ajja in collaboration with Tanina Munchkina & musician Master Margherita created Peak Records - Switzerland’s first psy-trance label! Performing together with the P.G.C (an organic-trance live-act of which Ajja is a founding member) through the summer of 2004, revealed high compatibility between Gaspard & Ajja – ranging from very similar tastes in music to humour, partying & psychedelic philosophy. The next logical step was the formation of their own live act: Yab-Yum… So – Logic was bought, laptops were tuned up & they got down to business: Ajja bringing his knowledge of instruments and frequencies and Gaspard, a strong sense of dance-floor dynamics from his experience as a DJ & sound engineer. This combination produces a strong psychedelic dance oriented sound with musical sensitivity. The first tracks made by Yab-Yum got quickly released - Biochemical Possibilities on Peak Records and Dust Devil RMX on Dropout Productions. A good omen we think… In the works are collaborations with N3xu5, Electrypnose and Drumatik as well as their first solo album to come out in September 2005…

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