Yachts top 20 songs


Yachts biography

Yachts were a Liverpool, England, UK power pop band. The band was formed in 1976 in Liverpool Art College, the members where all members of the same art college as Deaf School two years before them. Yachts had the diverse influences of the emerging punk and earlier rock sound. Their quirky lyrical themes gave them distinction but the band folded by the beginning of the eighties. The original line up was Henry Priestman (vocals, keyboards), Martin Watson (guitar, vocals), Martin Dempsey (bass, vocals), Bob Bellis (drums, vocals), and J.J. Campbell (vocals). Martin Dempsey was later replaced first by Ray Cooper, then by Mick Shiner and finally Glyn Harvard. They are best remembered for their single Suffice to Say, which was released on Stiff Records in 1977, before becoming staple fare on Anne Nightingales Radio 1 Sunday Night request show throughout the 80's, long after the band had disbanded. They also released the novelty single Do the Chud as The Chuddy Nuddies in November 1977. Two albums were recorded: Yachts (1979) and Without Radar (1980) and a clutch of singles. The group disbanded in 1981.

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