Yael top 20 songs


Yael biography

There are two artists that preform under the name Yael: 1.) Anyone who has seen Yael & the Palmtrees performing live on stage will be excited to hear that their album is about to be finished and will be released in summer 2007. Here comes the long awaited launch out single as a digital release only, revealing Yael’s unique presence and her extraordinary vocal abilities leading us through a journey into an enchanted, cunning world she creates with each song. Alice: So many songs have told different stories about Alice in Wonderland yet in Yael’s interpretation Alice is not just wondering off with no explanation. Her disappearances are purposeful; she is taking a break from life, to search for her peace. The song combines childish tones with mature ones, joyfulness with sorrow. Yael brings a personal and tragic dimension to Alice’s world. 100% Light: 100% Light is an optimistic song, formed with brightness and zest. Yet Yael’s voice and music add a cynical etching to the wonderful melodies produced ingeniously by YL. This charming mixture of words and music forms a surprising and unexpected result. Definitely 100%! 2.) Yael is a drummer who has preformed with Tom Morello, Alex Skolnick, and Souls Of We (with George Lynch).

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