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There are multiple artists named Yage: 1) Yage were a German band that started in spring 1998 . In the beginning Olli and Nikita decided to start a band and so they searched for some like-minded people. They first found Daniel whom they knew from concerts in Cologne. A drummer was missing and so they somehow found Marc. The first practice-session (in the cellar of a catholic youth-house) was so intense and just good that they were totally blown away. They talked about it the whole evening and felt totally addicted to it from the first moment on. http://www.yage5.de 2) Yage TransmiT was written and created by Joseph Lowe and Mark Lingard around 1996 (YageUK if you like), whilst they were living out in Belgium. Eventually they signed to the small independent label 'Kinky Star' Records for Kinky Planet records. Both Mark and Joseph returned to the UK sometime ago. Mark although a fantastic soundscapest was (and is not) a live musician though Joseph did take Yage live with Isnel Da Sylveira where they had some fantastic live shows. It's only recently that Joseph discovered the album is actually all over the Internet via submissions from Kinky Star Records (Without the artists knowledge). 3) Yage are Brian Dougans & Garry Cobain, best known as The Future Sound of London. As Yage they released some acid techno tracks in the early 90's, such as "Fuzzy Logic". In 2008, they released the album "The Woodlands Of The Old" as Yage featuring Will White (The drummer of Propellerheads). The album delivers more ethnic, tribal sound with electronic aspect. www.fsoldigital.com 4) Yage is a psychedelic trance DJ from Argentina. 5) Yage is a side project of the Italian brothers Romano Pasquini & Pippo Pasquini from the Italian band A-10 & Kent Steedman, former member of the Australian band the Celibate Rifles. Discography: Unlighted Street (Crime Records, 1989) Caccole (Helter Skelter, 1993) Integration (Munster, 1995)

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